What does a Safety Consultant do?

A Safety Consultant does two very important tasks: (1) they keep workers safe by assessing and eliminating workplace safety hazards, and (2) they help businesses work towards compliance by simplifying complex state and federal occupational workplace regulations, such as OSHA standards.

“I would say that a Safety Consultant is defined by one word: support.”

Who Can Safety Consultants Help?

Companies from all industries come to Lancaster Safety in all stages of their safety journey.  New companies that just hired their first employee, to established businesses with 30+ years in the Construction industry and 100 employees; we help them all!

Our Safety Consultants have either worked directly in the field or have experience with specific parts of the safety field, but they all hold the same common goal: support the client through the entire process.

“Safety cannot be managed or accomplished by one person or a consultant – it is everyone’s job!”

Why should you hire a third-party Safety Consultant?

OSHA regulations are intricate and complex rules that can be overwhelming for one person to understand and be responsible for. There are always new rules and regulations to stay on top of and potential changes to keep an eye on. Whether you are a business owner, member of management with some safety responsibilities, or even a safety officer, you can always ask for help!

Moreover, we work with hundreds of clients of all different sizes, industries, and specialties. Our breadth of experience and exposure to numerous potential hazards means your situation is probably something we’ve already seen and can immediately help with! While our collaborative experience is extensive, safety is always improving and evolving so our Safety Consultants learn something new every day.

But we don’t stop there… true employee safety means a proactive safety culture and commitment by everyone at your company.  We have the tools and experience to motivate, train, and engage your employees so that safety is taken seriously by all.

“…my purpose is to help companies improve upon both their safety program and culture by assisting with various aspects of health and safety.”

What are common services Safety Consultants provide?

Safety Consultants assist clients every day with prequalification compliance tasks (such as ISNetworld or Avetta), answer complex safety questions, attend OSHA informal conferences, and a plethora of other safety related tasks.  They may create facility/jobsite inspection reports for clients to make corrective actions and fix any job hazards that were found.  Safety never stops, so neither do our consultants.  They work constantly to assist in whatever ways they can.

At Lancaster Safety, every employee helps to take a stand to keep our company as well as many other companies safe. We take this commitment seriously, and turn that dedication onto our clients, to help keep their employees safe.

We’d love to partner with you along your safety journey.

If you are in a position to handle your safety program, but need some help, or you are starting from nothing, we’ve got you covered! 

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Safety Consultant:

  1. Professionals with various certifications and qualifications that know OSHA’s rules and regulations.
  2. Get a hazard assessment conducted before you risk getting OSHA citations.
  3. Get safety and health training for your employees delivered on just the topics you need.
  4. Cheaper than hiring a full-time safety person… and we can provide assistance to an overloaded safety manager.
  5. It shows your employees that you truly care about their safety and well-being which will boost morale!
  6. Gives you the peace of mind knowing you have experienced support available and shows OSHA that you are operating in good faith.
  7. Get real-time safety and health news alerts and OSHA regulation changes.
  8. Helps create a safer workplace for your employees and builds a safety culture.
  9. Will help prevent or reduce accidents, injuries, and potential OSHA citations.
  10. OSHA can offer employers a “good faith” discount for hiring a safety company!