OSHA Consulting for Inspection and Citation Assistance


Responding to OSHA’s Citations

If your company has already been inspected by OSHA, you only have 15 days after you’ve received the citations to respond, so don’t wait to call us for help!

If you do not respond to the citations within 15 days, the citations become final, and the employer is required to pay the entire proposed penalty and comply with OSHA’s requirements. Even if the violations are not directly the employer’s fault, they can still be fined, please refer to OSHA multi-employer worksite policy for more information.

Discounts Available

It is our mission to achieve a significant reduction or completely eliminate our client’s fines. OSHA officials may grant companies who have demonstrated “Good Faith” efforts such as hiring a safety consultant a 20% penalty reduction. Our OSHA compliance specialists will work hand in hand with your company through the entire process, including the informal conference, to completely close the case.OSHA fines can be costly. Accredited studies show that for every $1 invested in safety, companies can expect to see a $3 to $6 return on investment.

What happens after an OSHA Inspection?

Proactive Approach

Waiting for an OSHA inspection to occur is not the best approach to find out if your company is OSHA compliant. In order to prepare our clients for an OSHA inspection, we recommend setting up a “mock” OSHA inspection with one of our safety and health consultants.

Please call us today at 888.403.6026 to see how LSCI can help your company. This information is intended to provide an overview of LSCI’s role in our client’s OSHA matters, and should not be considered legal advice.