OSHA Consulting for Inspection and Citation Assistance

If your company has already been inspected by OSHA, you only have 15 days after you’ve received the citations to respond, so don’t wait to call us for help! Otherwise, the citations become final, and the employer is required to pay the entire proposed penalty and comply with OSHA’s requirements.

How to Reduce Your OSHA Fines

Once you have received your certified OSHA citations in the mail, it is important to know that the total amount does not have to be final. You can respond within 15 days and schedule an informal conference with OSHA. We strongly encourage this approach. The main purpose of an informal conference is to give you the opportunity to openly discuss the inspection with an OSHA Officer(s), and Lancaster Safety’s team can be right by your side as well!

Our Mutual Goal at the OSHA Informal Conference

Our mission for the informal conference is to achieve a significant reduction or completely eliminate your company’s fines. We will work hand in hand with you throughout the entire process until the case is closed.

During an OSHA Inspection

After an OSHA Inspection?

OSHA Inspection Overview

If you’ve just been inspected by OSHA, give us a call at 888-403-6026 for a free, no obligation phone consultation. We have an experienced team of dedicated safety professionals ready to assist you.