Is Your Workplace OSHA Compliant?

Find Out With a Mock OSHA Inspection

A mock OSHA inspection is an onsite safety and health evaluation that is conducted by an experienced safety professional. The main goal of this inspection is to identifying workplace safety and health hazards in order to make sure your company is meeting OSHA’s rules and regulations.

Lancaster Safety has highly qualified safety professionals nationwide that can come to your workplace and provide a “second set of eyes” without the anxiety of an actual OSHA inspection.  We’ll be able to not only to identify potentially costly violations, but also to make sure your employees are working safely.

Is a Mock OSHA Inspection The Right Fit For Your Business?

Safety violations can be lurking around any workplace, which is why a mock OSHA inspection is a great fit for companies at any level in their safety program journey. You might be in a business that is in the beginning stage of your safety journey, and if that is the case, you will find that a mock OSHA inspection is a good starting point to help steer you in the right direction. Or, you might have a company that already has a safety program established, and would like to see if you’re OSHA compliant. Even if you’re a safety director at a large organization with a high level safety program, having a second opinion on the company’s safety practices as a whole can be rewarding.

Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Mock OSHA Inspection:

  1. Pinpoint gaps in your company’s current safety and health program
  2. Avoid potentially costly OSHA fines by abating hazards as soon as possible
  3. Ask our Safety and Health Consultant questions throughout the inspection
  4. Identify what positive safety and health practices are already in place
  5. Keep employees safe on the job in order to get them to return home safely each day

What to Expect

Our Safety & Health Consultant will arrive at your workplace and conduct a safety evaluation. They will write down potential OSHA violations and also point out positive safe work practices. Next, we will inspect your company’s documentation including the health and safety programs, training logs, new hire training records, and injury and illness logs.

Safety & Health Audit Report

Upon completion, your company will receive a detailed report outlining any potential hazards observed along with best practice recommendations. The report will properly identify any items found and offer suggestions for improvement.

Schedule a Mock OSHA Inspection Today or Ask Us For a Sample Report