Have an OSHA Consultant at Your Finger Tips!

OSHA requires companies to train on any hazards they may encounter. Knowing, understanding and interpreting OSHA rules and regulations can sometimes be confusing. This is why our ongoing services support is a favorite of our clients! You ask a question and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

 Safety & Health Questions SupportSafety Questions Answered by Lancaster Safety

Help is only a toll-free phone call away. Telephone support is an integral part of our service because we know that safety and health questions are inevitable. Your company has the ability to use LSCI’s staff of health and safety professionals to answer any questions you may have. We will anonymously post relevant safety questions on our blog to help others that might be researching the same issue.

OSHA Compliant Program Maintenance

Our experienced Safety & Health Consultants will come onsite to update your company’s written programs and provide any necessary maintenance. If there has been any OSHA changes that apply to your company, our Safety & Health Consultant will take care of updating the programs in order to stay in compliance.

Ongoing OSHA Onsite Training

Safety Maintenance Required - Lancaster SafetyThe onsite Safety & Health Consultant will also conduct a formal employee training and a thorough facility inspection, at least annually. Our safety and health training can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the amount of topics, type of training, breaks, and employee participation.

Workplace Safety and Health Hazard Assessments

Our consultants are not only trained to recognize workplace safety and health hazards but also can offer expertise in improving the efficiency of the workplace.

OSHA Inspection and Abatement Assistance

If OSHA shows up, we’ll be there to help. We provide abatement assistance in the event of an OSHA inspection.

Safety and Health Information and Updates

LSCI also has a customer service program that includes important OSHA updates and safety reminders. Our clients also have the option to subscribe to monthly safety and health articles.