Live Online Safety Training


Show your newly hired employees that you care about their safety.

We are pleased to share LSCI’s online new-hire training program for our clients:

  • This training program is available to LSCI clients who utilize the custom-written occupational safety and health programs.
  • LSCI will develop an online PowerPoint presentation based on your company’s existing written safety manuals. This presentation will provide an overview of your safety program and can normally be completed in one hour or less.
  • The online training will be conducted remotely by one of our in-house professional trainers.
  • At the time of training, the trainees will need access to a computer with internet service, a telephone, and have the written safety manuals with them. Our trainer will present a presentation overview of each applicable topic. The attendee(s) will sign the new hire training logs located in the back of the existing manuals just as if our trainer was there in person. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and open a dialogue with the trainers and other attendees present. In turn, our trainer will require interaction from the students to assure that they understand the subject matter.
  • Multiple employees may participate at no additional fee! This is also great opportunity to provide refresher training for existing workers who may have missed the periodic on-site safety training session.
  • Lancaster Safety will document your company’s new hire training as continued acts of good faith OSHA compliance.

We are very excited about the new technology that provides a means to offer this important service at a minimal cost. Please call us at 888.403.6026 for a free online demonstration.

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