*ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, Avetta™ (formerly PICS), Browz and MICCS™ Assistance:

Corporations reach out to third-party prequalification providers to connect with safe, dependable companies that follow government regulations before stepping foot on a job. The process of getting accepted and ensuring your compliance with *ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, Avetta™ (formerly PICS), Browz and MICCS™ Assistance: can be a difficult and time consuming task. If you need immediate help with *ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, Avetta™ (formerly PICS), Browz and MICCS™, or are thinking about setting up an account, Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) can help you right away.

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Fast & Accurate Help From An OSHA Approved VPP Star Site

No matter what industry you’re in, Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) will write your company’s safety and health programs so that they are not only in compliance with OSHA’s standards but to *ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, Avetta™ (formerly PICS), Browz and MICCS™ as well. Whether you are signing up with a contractor prequalification site for the first time or have been a member for a while, we can jump in at any phase. We know you have questions and our experienced safety consultants are here to answer them and get you help today!


How The Process Works:

technology Set Up: Collect your account information or set up an account for LSCI through your account.

consultation_icon Audit: Conduct an audit to gather necessary information.

new_hire_icon Program Building: LSCI will custom write your safety programs for all applicable topics so you will only pay for what you need!

frst_aid_icon Complete Submittal: questionnaire, training documentation, written programs, and document requests. Request exemptions and variances and submit for the review process.

check_mark_icon Fast Approval: After we hear back from the contractor prequalification site, LSCI will continue to make submissions as needed in order to achieve an A (approved) rating!

Worry-free Account Monitoring Plans

We will also help your company keep up with new and updated OSHA requirements for years to come by updating your company’s safety programs. LSCI’s experienced safety professionals will come on-site to help your company implement the safety programs to become OSHA compliant. Please click here to contact us for more information or call us at 888.403.6026.messageus

Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. is an independently owned company and is a leading consultant on *ISNetworld® compliance matter. Our intentions are to help your company be awarded 100% approval by a third-party prequalification provider such as *ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, Avetta™ (formerly PICS), Browz and MICCS™. Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. is not affiliated with *ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, Avetta™ (formerly PICS), Browz and MICCS™. Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with *ISNetworld®.

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