Everything your business needs to be able to comply with OSHA!

Get What You Need

Our Comprehensive Compliance Package is our most popular services option because you get just what you need in order to be OSHA compliant. Our consultants will go through a list of OSHA topics and see if they are applicable to your company before providing a quote. Each topic may require a written program and training. If you need additional training topics or programs, we can add those too!

Step 1: Getting Started

Develop your company’s Safety & Health Program in accordance to OSHA’s standards:

  • Contact us for a free phone OSHA consultation
  • Our team will provide step by step instructions on how to get started and who to contact
  • New clients will then complete a guided audit with a Safety & Health Consultant to gather company specific information in order to custom write your company’s programs
  • We can also get you started or assist you through the contractor pre-qualification process

Step 2: Onsite Consultation & Training

After new clients partner with us, we’ll start to Implement LSCI’s Safety & Health Services:

  • A strong focus on accident prevention, staff awareness and help avoiding OSHA fines
  • Employee and management training on customized safety and health programs in accordance to applicable OSHA standards
  • A separate management training and consultation is conducted in order to promote and help build a safety culture which will reduce operating costs – safety pays
  • Mock OSHA inspections and reporting

Step 3: Ongoing Services

Safety is a journey, it does not happen with one visit from us! Maintain and improve your company’s Safety & Health Program with our on-going services:

  • Ongoing, onsite safety and health training
  • Facility inspections and safety hazard reporting
  • Written program updates and maintenance
  • Assistance with OSHA inspections
  • A team of safety professionals at your fingertips to help with any safety questions
  • Monthly webinars and e-newsletter provides OSHA news, safety committee discussions, free resources, articles, videos, and much more

A rock-solid, OSHA compliant safety program looks different for each company. No matter where your company’s safety program currently stands, we encourage you to contact us today so that we can help you to determine what your company needs to do to become OSHA compliant, beef up your safety program, or to go over and above and achieve VPP status.