The OSHA Inspection Process 101

During the Inspection

Get some of the best guidance around in this 45 minute webinar hosted by 2 of our Safety Trainers. One of our hosts in this webinar is a former OSHA Officer! Watch now to see what will happen if OSHA comes to your workplace so you can be prepared.

After the Inspection

Do you know what happens after an OSHA Officer leaves your workplace after conducting an inspection? This video will give you an overview of what to do next, when you can expect to receive OSHA citations and fines, and how to get professional assistance.

Inspection Overview

Watch this short video that gives a general overview of how the process works! Find out how OSHA determines which companies to inspect, listen to an overview of the OSHA inspection itself, and learn about what type of fines that might be issued afterwards.

Staff Picks

What Training is Required by OSHA

Learn how to determine what training topics apply to your company and employees.

Employer Rights

OSHA was established to keep employees safe at work. Seems simple enough but what rights do employers have under OSHA?

Safety to the Brain

With a little determination, you can successfully embed safety into each and every employee through a focus on team dynamics and leadership.

Safety Clips & Tips

Common Workplace Safety Tips

We all share a similar goal to get home safely from work every day. Here are several tips to keep in mind on a daily basis to always STAY SAFE!

New Hire Guide for Safety Management

You just hired a brand new employee, now what? For some employers, hiring a new person can be an exciting time, with challenges as well.

Learn this Life Saving Acronymn

If you’re in your workplace, and suddenly you see or smell smoke, would you know how to react? Take a quick minute to watch a video about a life-saving tip!

How To Have An Effective Safety Culture

Safety Culture

Having a successful safety culture means that the company, as a whole, believes in the value of safety. This can make a strong safety program almost effortless! The idea of a safety culture sounds great but how do you get there? Join us as we discuss some tips on how to create an effective safety culture that fits YOUR business.

Safety Committee

Whether you’re at the beginning stages of establishing a safety committee or have had a safety committee in place for years, you’re in the right place! This video will look at the function and role of a safety committee and provide you with the information you need to ensure that your safety committee is meaningful and successful.

Safety Incentives

The idea behind Safety Incentive Programs is that they can reduce injuries, boost employee morale, improve a company’s safety culture, and reduce workers’ comp. costs. With all of these advantages why wouldn’t any company want to start one? There are several lurking factors that we will examine during this webinar.

Addressing Challenging Attitudes Towards Safety

Bad Attitudes

Safety professionals, managers, and owners sometime struggle with employees who just don’t care about safety. “I’ve worked here 40 years and never had an accident!” What do you say to something like that? Watch this video for a quick suggestion and follow up with this blog article for additional responses to challenging remarks.

Employee Disregard

Your company might have a good safety program in place but yet you’re still seeing an influx in safety violations. Many companies face the difficulty in having employees who choose to not follow the safety rules. As an employer, you can be held accountable for their actions. Be sure to know how to respond when an employee disregards safety rules.

Selling the Boss on Safety

Passionate about safety, but can’t get everyone on board? This one is for you. This is a guide to convey the importance of safety in all aspects of the workplace.

What Does Safety Success Look Like For You?

Safety Pays

A successful safety program can pay off big time. The National Safety Council (NSC) reported that for every $1 that an employer invests in safety, a $3 to $6 return on investment is realized! Let LSCI help your company improve your company’s safety and health program through our OSHA compliance consulting services. Contact us today at 888-403-6026 for a free phone evaluation.

Go Big

Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) has been certified by OSHA as a VPP Star Mobile Worksite. We are huge advocates of this program and want to help other companies achieve this status from OSHA as well. If your company wants to be recognized for your highly successful safety program, consider applying for OSHA’s VPP (it is free). Learn more about how to get into OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program in this short webinar.

Success Examples

Are your company’s safety and health goals outcome based (ex. reduce workers’ compensation claims), activity based (ex. have all safety violations reported to management), or both? Each company’s safety & health goals are unique, which is another reason Lancaster Safety provides custom services. In this video, we gathered real client success stories to share with you. Their success stories might not be the same as yours, so start discussing your goals with us today!

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