Employee & Employer Rights Under OSHA

WHEN: Wednesday, December 11, 2019

TIME: 3:00 PM ET/ 12:00 PM PT

COST: Free!


Picture this: You are at your workplace and a coworker points out a safety hazard. They are hesitant to inform the management team so you bring it up at the safety committee meeting the following week. Management is appreciative of the information and requests that future unsafe conditions are reported right away. They also explain that as an employee, it is your right to report unsafe practices and conditions, no matter how small they may be, or if it feels like you’re tattling on another employee.


  1. Employee and employer’s rights during and after an OSHA inspection
  2. Different ways in which employer’s must protect their employees from a hazardous workplace
  3. How employers can keep employees responsible and accountable
  4. What must be provided to employees
  5. Updated recordkeeping requirements

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