New Protocols for Respirator Fit Testing Released

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has released a final rule regarding respirator fit testing protocols. OSHA already had protocol procedures in place but made two modifications in order to help ensure that respirators are fitting workers properly.

Employers are required to fit test their employees if respirators are needed in the workplace. Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. can help employers evaluate the need for respirator use and also help develop a workplace respiratory program.

One of Lancaster Safety’s Consultants has observed hundreds of workplaces and said he is surprised by the number of employers that are unaware of their need to have their employees wear a respirator and have a respiratory program on hand. 

Respirator Fit Testing Protocol Highlights

  • Purpose: protect workers from airborne contaminants by making sure their respirators fit properly.
  • Effective Date: September 26, 2019

The 2 New Respirator Fit Testing Protocols

  1. Ambient aerosol condensation nuclei counter (CNC) quantitative fit testing protocol for full-facepiece and half-mask elastomeric respirators,
  2. Ambient aerosol CNC quantitative fit testing protocol for filtering facepiece respirators.

Improvements to the Respirator Fit Testing Protocols:

  • Less test exercises
  • Shortened exercises
  • Streamlined sampling sequence

Visit OSHA’s website to learn more about all respirator fit testing protocols.

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