Are Your Safety Goals Feeling Like a Doctor’s Visit?

Nobody really likes going to the doctor, but having a regular checkup by a qualified physician is important. Not only can checkups help identify an issue before it becomes a bigger problem, but your doctor will also give you instructions on a variety of lifestyle changes such as exercise and a sensible diet as daily maintenance so you stay healthy.

However, all of that doesn’t matter if the patient doesn’t follow through with the plan that has been put in place.

Why Inspections Can Be Crucial for Success

The same holds true for having safety inspections in the workplace. The initial inspection will identify safety issues and help you develop goals for improvement, but that is only part of the scenario. Supervisors and employees must follow through by executing the corrective measures which is a critical component to the overall safety/health of a company.

Now halfway through the year, this is a great time to examine the progress concerning your safety goals. Have you made progress? Have you achieved your goals? Does your goal seem unachievable? These questions can only be answered if you are honest with yourself and look with a critical eye.

Prioritizing and Recommitting

Have you been prioritizing your goals appropriately? If not, just know it is not too late to readjust and get back on track. Recommitting to the objective takes effort and diligence, but improvement can be achieved while not losing sight of other priorities such as production.

Have you set realistic goals? Sometimes our best intentions can exceed what we are presenting capable of achieving. But that’s no reason to abandon the entire plan. Instead, create new goals, make the improvements you can at the time, knowing that you might have to adjust your timetable to complete all of your long-term goals. As long as improvement is being made, you’re moving in the right direction.

Do your Goals need a Checkup?

Much like a trip to the doctor, inspections aren’t exactly fun and using the advice given can be considered tedious. But the benefits greatly outweigh any negatives.

To be effective, owners, supervisors and employees must all be aware of what constitutes a hazard and be willing to report them and take steps to have them addressed immediately. For this reason, all employees must feel as though they can speak up when they see potential danger without fear of repercussions from management for bringing up potentially costly safety issues.

After all, a short-term work stoppage to address an issue can potentially save millions of dollars following a workplace injury, not to mention spare the life of an employee.

Positive Attitudes are Key!

It only takes a fraction of a second for an accident to change a person’s life forever. That is why companies must stress the importance of battling lackadaisical attitudes that can creep up after weeks, months or even years without a workplace accident. It’s human nature to let your guard down when you’ve done something hundreds or thousands of times. Workers must remain vigilant in adhering to safety protocols 100 percent of the time.

Statistics prove that workplace inspections will reduce accidents, but like any good plan, it’s only as good as the people who use it.

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