Who’s at Risk?

Whether its hazardous road conditions, distracted driving, fatigue, or unexpected interruptions – even the most experienced drivers are at risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. In 2017, 37,133 lives were lost on America’s roadways in 34,247 fatal motor vehicle crashes. 5,005 of those lives lost were involved in crashes in large trucks or buses. Fatalities increased by 8% from 2016, and fatal crashes increased by 8%.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Statistics:

  • Large truck occupants comprised 17% of all large truck and bus fatalities, a 7% increase from 2016.
  • Large trucks and buses account for 13% of the traffic fatalities.
  • At least 39% of large truck occupants killed in crashes were not wearing a seatbelt
  • Speed was a factor in 17% of truck crashes with at least one large truck occupant fatality
  • 61% of fatal crashes involving a large truck occurred in rural areas
  • 27% of fatal crashes in work zones involved a large truck
  • 6% involved large truck driver distraction as a factor, of which 16% was related to cell phone use

Driving Tips:

  • Always Wear Your Safety Belt
  • Reduce Your Driving Speed in Adverse Road and/or Weather Conditions
  • Enter a Curve Slowly
  • Reduce Your Speed Before Entering an Exit/Entrance Ramp
  • Drive Slowly with a Loaded Trailer
  • Slow Down in Work Zones/Approach and Enter Intersections with Caution
  • Review Maps and Plan Your Route Before Driving
  • Look Far Enough Ahead & Check Your Mirrors Often
  • Get Enough Sleep Before Getting Behind the Wheel/Know the Signals & Dangers of Drowsiness
  • Do Not Let Objects Outside of Your Truck Distract You
  • Do Not Text While Driving
  • Maintain a Safe Following Distance/Double Your Following Distance in Adverse Conditions
  • Watch for Brake Lights
  • Practice Good Scanning Habits
  • Signal Your Intentions
  • Always Drive Defensively