osha inspection

What Would OSHA Say?

In order to prepare your company for an OSHA inspection, we recommend setting up a mock OSHA inspection with one of our highly qualified safety and health consultants. The purpose of this visit is not only to identify potentially costly violations but also to make sure your employees are working safely. Our vision at Lancaster Safety is to help achieve OSHA’s goal of getting every employee in the United States home from work safely every day.

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent! Contact us today to see what OSHA would say about your facility.

How It Works:

The LSCI consultant will conduct a safety evaluation onsite to determine potential OSHA violations. They will also inspect your company’s documentation including the health and safety programs, training logs, new hire training records, and injury and illness logs.

What You’ll Get:

Upon completion, your company will receive a detailed report that shows the deficiencies that were uncovered. The report will include the detected hazards, the OSHA regulations that are not in compliance, and the proper solutions to correct the violations. To get started or to see an example of a report, please call us at 888-403-6026 or message us.